Where hardly anyone has heard about Jesus: Gospel Celebration in Yumbe, Uganda

When Joel Angolinga thanked all of us, he could not hold back his tears. He was deeply touched by the fact, that we really came together with him to Yumbe. On his last visit he was chased away.

Joel sings about Jesus, but many don`t want to hear that in Yumbe. Some time ago he was there and wanted to sing at an event, but people threw stones at him and he had to be taken to hospital. In the small town are about 80% Muslims, including radical and violent ones. Therefore the excitement about our arrival was a little limited for some of the residents.

We preached mainly from the Torah: The “Old Testament” is a holy book – not only for Jews and Christians. It is a treasure trove for evangelistic sermons! We didn`t preach against anything or against anyone, neither against other religions, prophets or their writings. We took a stand for Jesus – and proclaimed him!

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What else brings people from different backgrounds and religions together? Right: it`s soccer! Therefore, together with Jonas Wallisser from Kampala we organized a soccer tournament. Throughout all games Christian music was running in the background and every break we used to bring the message of Jesus to the people: testimonies, short sermons and our musicians could be heard again and again.

It was not that easy to see how people responded to the Gospel. In a Muslim city, it would be a great risk for many to follow a public call for a decision for Jesus. Therefore, we simply prayed with all those people who were present in the meeting the sinners prayer. Some people still came to us or to pastors in the city to talk about their decision which they made. We heard of a church in the city of Yumbe which was full of new visitors on the last day of the meeting.

Testimony Moses

Moses reports of his experience with God in Yumbe

We were delighted by a boy`s report, who has had several months pain in his knees and suddenly after prayer he was able to walk without pain. A few days after the event Mawa Moses told us of his recovery on our Facebook fan page: (see picture on the right).

The award ceremony of the tournament took place on our stage. All the teams and thousands of spectators came to us on Saturday! Although many only came to celebrate the winners, some remained and listened to the Gospel until the end of the meeting. We are grateful that so many have come and were able to get to know Jesus. We are also very grateful that everything remained peaceful. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, only he can bring peace into such a tense situation.

Gallery of the outreach

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