When You Have Nothing to Share About

Maybe You feel just like many others, saying: „I do not even have a testimony – no story with God!” Especially when You grew up “piously”, then it might me harder for You to share how God has changed Your life.

Your life-story would look like this:

“I grew up in a christian family. That’s why I’m christian.”

I would like to encourage You: You also have a testimony!

A little advice and a few thoughts on that:

  1. We have a completely distorted image on how a testimony “has” to look like.
    One-sided assortment of testimonies we hear on stage at christian conferences are also to blame. There we hear the extreme and spectacular: drug addiction for years, imprisonments, failed suicide attempts, lasting depressions, healing of incurable diseases, satanism, theft, robbery, prostitution and best -a murder of at least one American president. No wonder that our story would seem quite pathetic!

  2. The simple stories often have the strongest effect.
    Most people in Germany are not criminals, are not incurable sick and can not refer to drug addiction. They are regular human beings -just like You and me! Exactly that’s why they can identify themselves with Your story better, rather than a hollywood-type of testimony. On extreme examples they could say “Well, if I had been as messed up as him/her, then Jesus might would have been my only hope also -but I am fine!” Often it’s those things that appear small to You: Maybe You had fear of life after death, could not accept Yourself, had fear of not being enough, were lonely or had been looking for the purpose in life – just like many others as well. But, God has changed something in Your life – slowly, inconspicuously and yet with an enormous difference!

  3. It is worth talking about what God has protected You from.
    How amazing what You didn’t have to go through. You grew up in a christian home and You had been spared many things -what a blessing! Biblical values, biblical understanding on how marriage and family are functioning and God joins in. Emphasize then what You were able to see through Your friends and acquaintances, what others had to go through when they didn’t follow godly measures. How would Your life probably look like now, when You hadn’t have gotten to know Christ?

  4. It might be, that You really have nothing to tell.
    When You honestly cannot find anything, not even in the small what God has done in Your life, then I invite You herewith: Reach for God! If You have not invited Jesus in Your life yet then just talk to him to do so. Ask him to change Your life and to intervene right where You require help. God hears prayers!

Share Your story with God today. How You can do that, can be looked up here: How can I testify about my story with God?

P.S.: I am as always looking forward to Your reactions – just click on „comments“ down below and let me hear from You. Surely You are welcome to share, tweet, re-post, like, forward, etc this article.