Training on evangelism and no outreach at the university

Lucky must have known what his name meant. In a conversation with one of our students, he realized that his name fits to his life.

Lucky – also an unusual name for a man in Uganda. He encountered on our outreach Robert one of our trainees. Robert asked the man for his name -a perfect start for a conversation on faith! „Lucky? I’m also lucky!“ , had been the immediate answer of Robert. From there on he could tell him about the hope in himself which also makes him lucky: Jesus Christ! After the conversation Lucky prayer a prayer to invite Jesus into his life.

Another trainee reported of his visit to a family of seven: after he prayed for the sick father he spontaneously was healed. The whole family gave their lives to Jesus!

Over four days we trained 20 students of International Leadership Equipping Ministries for evangelism. The training was in cooperation with Carriers of Hope.

A door closes -immediately the next one opens

During the days of the training I called Allan Njeru and talked to him many times, a good friend and a colleague from Nairobi. He prepared the next mission at the Kampala International University, which should have started right after the training. Nonetheless, he already had a bad feeling concerning this matter. It seemed as if quite some things went wrong there. The pastor of Kampala who was our most important contact person supposedly wanted to put all the money into his own pocket instead of organising the mission.

At the end of the training I received an e-mail from the head office of proChrist in Germany: the speaker of an event in Anrath cancelled and now they had been looking for a new evangelist. My flight back was planned for Monday – too tight to preach in Anrath on Monday evening. So I thought about re-scheduling my flight.

God closed the door at the university and at the same time opened one at Anrath at proChrist live. I booked the flight last minute and cancelled the mission at the university. God leads through open doors – chances to build His kingdom!


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