Salt in the Soup

German Version / Deutsche Version

„You are Oregano and you are nutmeg.” No, Jesus did not deal with such insignificant spices while explaining his disciples their true identity. Salt – that was the spice Jesus spoke of, a thousand times more important than ginger, fennel or pepper. “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” (Matthew 5:13).

This picture led to the following story:

“If anyone wants to know my opinion, I think all the action is still meaningless! Well, if we would have more grains of salt…! But in this huge soup pot we are not noticed by anyone. In my opinion, this cannot be our life purpose and calling!”

“Just a minute”, one grain of salt replies: “Surely, we are quite tiny compared to the meat and vegetables in the soup. However within us, there is enough power and potential to give the right flavour to the whole soup!”

“Do I have to join this action as well?” asked a very shy grain of salt in the corner. “I do not dare to do it! I would prefer to remain here in the safe salt shaker. It doesn`t matter if I take part in it, or what do you think?”

“Nonsense!”, the oldest grain of salz replied.” It was never intended for you to remain in this saltshaker having very spiritual conversations and watch us! You shall salt, this is your true task.”

“Just stop for a moment”, someone else from the back shouted! “Wouldn`t it be sufficient to send one of us as a representative, someone who feels called doing this task?”

Now the discussions really started! There were many ideas and suggestions exchanged. “Why does the soup not come to us in the salt shaker?” “Oh yes, this is a real good idea, because everyone is welcome as our guest!” “They all prefer pepper anyway.” “Soup is so incredible wet!” “You can find our meeting hours in our monthly program!” “I still prefer the idea of sending someone who has studied and mastered the seasoning.” “We as lay people… etc.”

“Silence!“ one of the grains of salt shouted finally. “Listen to me carefully! We will not come to a solution if we continue like this. You want to send a single grain of salt to where it needs the power of us all to to make a difference? And if you want to wait even longer for the soup to come itself in our saltshaker, then you wait forever. Do you still remember our original task? We shall salt the soup and not discuss about it; did you all forget this? Or is there any other use and task for us?”

And while there was still embarrassed silence, the grains suddenly felt themselves uplifted. All those who recognized their true task flopped into the soup.

Therefore it became a very good soup.

With friendly permission of Ulrich Hees, German orginal: Materialdienst EE-Süddeutschland,. Brieger Str. 25, 80997 München,

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