Opposition and witch doctors – Gospel Meeting in Pawor, Uganda

“My whole body burns like fire, everything hurts! I need Jesus!” – with these words the witch doctor called Pastor Otim on his cellphone.

Witch doctors are not only common in Harry Potter, but also in Africa. We encountered one of them in Pawor. The witch doctor had heard of our Gospel Meeting and knew that the power of God was operating here and people were being healed. Otim then immediately took off to visit the man. As he had prayed for him every pain stopped –and he gave his life to Jesus!

Black magic is a reality we barely know in the western part of Europe. In many areas in Africa though the witch doctor belongs to the village just as the regular family doctor is common in any other place. Instead of the practice of school medicine, occult rituals, witch craft, talismans and amulets are being used.

During the prayer for the sick ones, Winnie came up: the 11-year-old girl had been completely deaf since her third year of life – but God opened up her ears! When she spoke, it was being noticed that she was on a level of a 3-year-old, since she hadn’t been able to hear for eight years and due to that reason had not developed her speech any further.

Okumukea told us a day later of his healing: 20 years ago he had an accident and had chronic back pain ever since but after the prayer he was completely healed.

Already ahead of time God spoke to one of our team members: there will be an encounter with great opposition. No wonder when we look back! Because God has moved mightily and several hundred people gave their lives to Jesus, had been healed and set free.
The opposition came: our event took place on a soccer field that still belonged to a school. Although the director had given us the permission to preach here for several days, the school’s board of directors wrote us a letter: we had to stop immediately with our event. Opposition is a good sign that we are on the right path! Praise God, this problem also had been solved.

This gospel meeting was a cooperation of IMETO e.V and Carriers of Hope e.V. – we thank you all for your prayers and the support!

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