Jesus in the dark and God’s audible voice – Gospel Celebration in Malawi

A light from heaven! Peculiar? Not at all! What I had been able to experience in Balaka (Malawi) was far greater than the experiences I made in the western world.

A Light from Heaven

„Then I heard a voice from heaven – God spoke to me! With it I saw a bright light!“ and now you are probably thinking: „Sure, old story – Paul on his way to Damascus.“ Wrong!

I couldn’t believe what I heard when I trained the pastors to share their life story with Jesus (their „testimony“) in an understandable way. Normally I am teaching like this: „Each one of us has a story to tell on what one has experienced with God but it is usually not so spectacular as it had been with Paul.“ For this statement I earned a strong contradiction. More pastors shared of their experiences how God spoke to them in an audible voice when they did not know Jesus yet – and in addition to that a light from heaven!

God is saturating the hungry ones in the Muslim world with visions of Jesus – in the western world He rather seems to add a seasoning with it.

Godly Dreams

A completely supernatural dream came to pastor Rashid in Salima: his father was a highly spiritual person in the Muslim faith, repsonsible for many mosques. As a child he dreamt how Jesus hung on the cross, together with 2 criminals, one the left and one on the right. Rashid explained this dream full of excitement to his father -but he was everything else but appealed by it. He then washed the head of his son and tried to preach the imaginations of the son away with the Koran. Without success.

Years later his father dies and his mother mocked him because of the dream like a child of second-class: He was not allowed to eat together with his siblings, always had to be in the corner by himself. When Rashid was 17 years old he encountered an evangelist that showed the Jesus movie open-air. Rashid was overwhelmed: In the movie he saw exactly the scene in which Jesus was crucified at the cross, which he dreamt of years ago! He trembled on his whole body and gave his life over to Jesus.

Jesus in the Dark

At nightfall it is not only getting dark but the pressure from society also decreases. In Muslim areas there is often a great fear: many do not have the courage to listen to Christian open-air-services, although they are very interested or very hungry.

When you visit one of those events it is already an official statement of conversion according to the Muslim understanding. Family and friends practice abnormal pressure, whomever steps out of the line as a believer is going to be excluded, discriminated and threathened with death. Even hard beatings or murder are quite common – even if someone just considers in ones’ mind to question his or her faith.

Due to such reasons we held all the events in the dark. So people were protected and covered by the darkness to listen to Jesus. Additionally we used horn loud speakers for others to listen from a safe distance.


In one of the three seminars we realized again how fearful and intimidated the pastors were: out of 63 pastors only 8 people brought a Muslim to the Gospel – and that in a mainly Muslim territory! In the three cities we were able to train and empower 150 pastors for evangelism. Moreover we also encouraged them to tell Muslims about Jesus.


“We are probably preaching into the void!” – that was our concern shortly before the mission. It could have been that no one would dare coming closer to the services and that many would only listen from a far, safe distance.
Despite the social pressure every night about 200 people came directly to us – and many were able to listen from afar. Already on the first evening a young man shared: He had been tortured for 3 years with chronical head- and neckpain – but when we prayed for the sick, all pain was gone!

After the events there had continously been people sneaking up secretly to our pastor-colleagues for them to pray for them and for them to give their lives to Jesus. Five people called pastor Francis a few days later: they did not risk it to talk to us about their experiences on those evenings: they had been healed in the midst of the crowd – without anyone noticing it!

Prayer works

It is powerful what God is doing in quite difficult situations – we would never guess most of it but God knows it and He is building His kingdom! And we all can contribute through our prayers for God to give dreams and visions and for His messengers to be sent to the right place. Regardless if we are in Germany or on other continents. Thank you for your prayers!

The missions were a cooperation of IMETO and FRIENDS (Marburg). Last year I got to know Henrik Ermlich who is working for FRIENDS and most of the organisational part in Malawi had mainly been managed by his contacts. Surely there will be more missions being done together.

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