Invitation by the police & a visit to “Machine Gun Preacher” – Gospel Celebration in Zeu, Uganda

We get more invitations to preach than we can accept. But this time it came from a special place.

Zuschauertribühne in Zeu

rostrum in Zeu

Ogutta is a policeman, to be precise: OCPD – the head of the local police division. He decides which events take place in his city and which do not.
When he came to the crusade, Ogutta was very touched. He invited us straight away to come back again, best to come every year.
He confirmed to us that our work is very helpful. He complained about problems with alcoholism, prostitution and crime. In the same breath he told us: “What you are doing here, helps us as police, the problems are becoming less when you come.” One might blame us that we “just preach” and people often do not get practical help. But the Gospel changes lives, cities and entire countries! Even the police know that!

Team from Bonn

To help us with the Gospel Celebration we had a team of four people from Bonn with us. Here are two statements from the team:

Micha Acker:

“Our visits at the schools and in the hospital were unforgettable. There we could encourage the people and pass God`s precious love to them. But most of all I was moved by the countless people who made a decision for Jesus Christ in the evening meetings. ”

David Thuku Kamau:

“It was an unforgettable experience to take part at a baptism with more than 120 people. Very impressive and inspiring was the visit at Sam Childers for me.

God confirms his Word

Ruoth Lwai (50), healed after being deaf on one ear for 10 years

Ruoth Lwai (50), healed after being deaf on one ear for 10 years

Among the many people who attended the meeting and experienced God`s wonderful power, was also Ruoth Lawi (50). He had been totally deaf in one ear for 10 years. But when we prayed for him, God opened his ears – on stage we demonstrated this miracle straight away. The enthusiasm was enormous!

Machine Gun Preacher

Visiting Sam Childers, the "Machine Gun Preacher"

Visiting Sam Childers, the “Machine Gun Preacher”

On the way home with our team from Bonn we visited the „Machine Gun Preacher“ – his real name is: Sam Childers. He became famous by the Hollywood movie (2011) Hollywood movie “Machine Gun Preacher” (2011). He works with former child soldiers, helping them to overcome their trauma and to live a normal life. He often used to free them from the hands of Joseph Kony and LRA by force, and continued preaching the Gospel as a pastor. He was very welcoming, took time to show us his work and invited us for lunch. More about his work: It was a privilege to get to know him personally.

Gallery of the outreach

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