16. July 2011


Ein zweifaches Ziel...
What is the purpose of it?
The aim of this page is twofold. First of all, I would like to inform you about my evangelistic work and give you the oportunity to participate in my life. Secondly, I would like to motivate and inspire you to talk about Jesus with others and be a part of building the kingdom of our Lord.

How does it help me?
Whenever I hear stories about people leading others to Christ my heart beats faster and I get excited! Do you feel the same way?
What God is doing in my life – I do not want to keep it to myself. I want to let you know about the “mighty works of God” (as it says in the Book of Psalms).
In addition to my own experiences you will also find repeatedly new, exciting and inspiring articles having evangelism as its topic. These articles shall renew your courage and thoughts in daily life and enable you to talk with other people about Jesus and what he has done for us.

I also have the idea of writing about special teachings or book reviews covering the theme of evangelism. Let`s wait and see what will come in the near future.

In particular, I will be very pleased if I am not the only person who is writing here. You are encouraged to share your thoughts, as well. And I am looking forward getting in contact with you.

Below each article you will find different buttons and links, with which it is easy to get in Kontakt, to let me know your opinion, to forward the article … So, let me hear from you!

Who am I?
Rainer Brose

My name is Rainer Brose. I was born in Stuttgart in 1984, in the southern part of Germany. Until 2012 I was a full time student in the master program in an outpost of the Columbia International University in Korntal near Stuttgart. Currently I am working in Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda and other African countries. I was sent for this work from the Gospel Forum in Stuttgart. In Africa I work for Gospel Fire International. The main focus of my work is to preach the gospel and participate in different outreaches. It is a tremendous privilege for me to do such a work!

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