Forgiveness and Football, Angels and Demons – Gospel Celebration Gishori, Ruanda

On a short way to lunch I saw more soldiers and police officers than anywhere else in a whole month. What seems intimidating is no exception in Ruanda but a part of daily life.

Forgiveness and bitter hearts

Eyes of a childThe genocide has only been 23 years ago – it’s consequences are not to be missed. A majority of the population had experienced it themselves and the memories are still alive. The state reacts with a strategy of intimidation: Police and Military are present on every corner, everything shall stay calm.

Forgiveness is hard for many people here – also for the believers in Christian communities. In our four-day Open-Air event Jonas Wallisser (Volksmission) therefore preached on Friday evening about forgiveness: „A bitter heart eats up it’s owner“ – this African saying hits home quite well.

Soccer Tournament for Jesus

TeamworkJonas also organised a soccer match over a couple of days with eight teams participating. Understanding among the peoples, building-up friendships and trust just as abolishing prejudices were important goals of the tournament.

Yet, what can tribute more to people forgiving each other than the Gospel? That’s why we used every half-time break and every break in between the games to sing and to testify of Jesus. Jesus is the perfect example when it comes to forgiveness and reconciliation.No one has lived it so authentically as He did. No one except Him can give us the strength to do the same. 800-1000 people could be reached trough the tournament daily.

The highlight of the soccer match had been the price giving ceremony on stage of the Open-Air event in the eastern region in Gishori on Friday: hundreds came to see the award presentation -and to hear the good news!

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons
There is a war raging for the souls of the ones that do not know Jesus yet. Pretty vividly it was presented on 2 nights by a group of students from Kigali. Dressed as an angel or a demon they visualized what is happening in the spiritual realm. It was astonishing how many spectators came when the plays had been performed on the 2 evenings.

Decision and Training

In total 160 men and women made a decision for the discipleship and many children followed the altar call. The pastors are now occupied with pursuing those new disciples and to integrate them into a church community. In order to see more lasting fruit I was able to train two churches in Kigali and Gishori to testify of Jesus themselves and to share the Gospel.

Video Flashback on the Gospel Celebration

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