Blessing and Farewell in the Gospel Forum

After 7 years as an international worker of Gospel Forum I was officially blessed and bid farewell in a church service.

Thomas Berner leading the church service thanked for my ministry:

“Rainer has started a new evangelical ministry in December and there it’s striking new paths. We want to say thank you for all that you have done for us and also in Africa. I know it is not always quite easy in a spiritual ministry and especially not when you are somewhere where the appearence is missing, where it is poor and things are happening poorly and we thank you for all the prayer, for all the persevering, for all patience and all that you have been investing into these people.”

Martin Seiler who knows me since my time as a youth through the Royal Rangers told an anecdote of those times:

I had the privilege to accompany part of his journey and I want to say this as a testimony. Because you might be working with children and youths and you say:
“Oh man, what will they become one day?” Rainer was one of them. When he was 15 I knew him as someone who knew every movie in the world. I thought to that time: “Oh man, where is the journey going to?”. I have to say with the Rangers,
we remained faithful in our mission and you also remained faithful and it turned out well. So stick to it and hope in the people and the grace of God and it really turn out something good! Rainer we are proud to be part of your jounrey. And I believe you don’t know every movie anymore today, right?”

I myself could thank everyone for that time:

“When I look back on the past 7 years, I am amazed and grateful. I am amazed of everything that we could experience: the thousands of people that got to know Jesus and for the many wonders that we saw. I am grateful that God built His kingdom and that I was able to be a part of it. I am also grateful, that God also worked on me during that time – taught me and prepared me also for the following ministry which is just starting. And I am grateful for you that you enabled this ministration through your support and your prayers. Thank you very much!”

Although I am not an official “international worker” (or “missionary”) of the Gospel Forum anymore, I am still a member of it and am still working with them – even if it is “just” voluntarily for now.

Video: Blessing and Farewell in Gospel Forum

Video: Blessing and Farewell in Gospel Forum

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