An expensive matter – Gospel Celebration in Kisoro, Uganda

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There are only two reasons why people would travel thousands of kilometers across the world to be in Kisoro in Uganda: gorillas and God. It will be expensive with both.

Gorillas and God

We almost made a good deal: 100 $ less if we rush ourselves to see the gorillas – we were still in the off-season. At the expense of several hundreds of euros the off-price had even been negligible to us and we were content with watching the posters in the travel agency. Over again we saw a few white faces that travelled through half of the world “just” to see the gorillas in the national park. An expensive matter!

Even our team travelled a long distance: Finland, Uganda, Kenya, Germany und Australia were present at the Gospel Celebration of Gospel Fire International. Gorillas were not our main focus but the mission to call people to reconciliation with God.The good news are for free but becoming a follower costs one’s life. We are not preaching that with Jesus all will be easier and better, but we prompt people to leave their old life behind them and to follow Jesus radically. Also an expensive matter!

Hopeless cases?

The leader of Gospel Fire International, Peter Franz, reports about a man, that the local people in Kisoro had described him as “demonically possessed”. Here in the western culture he would probably be described as “mental ill” or “completely confused”. Anyway he was not able to lead a normal life and was bound by chains, from the villagers to calm him down und to protect oneself from him. It is tremendous how God works on seemingly hopeless cases:

„We were able to remove the chains and shackles around Jerome’s arms and legs. For many years Jerome (name changed) could not live a normal life. Hopelessness had set in. His loved ones had given up on him. After
monitoring him a couple of days and seeing the magnificent change that the Lord had brought him, we now started to break the chains and bend open the heavy shackles. About 20 people at the time stood around Jerome
and sang “He (God) has done great things”. The Lord truly had done great things. He could speak sense again and his behaviour had become completely normal, so different to the days earlier, where he shouted around and used foul language. There were times in those days when to protect the crusade attendants, we even had to resort to tying people to a nearby goal post, so as to keep them from hurting the public. Jesus had totally healed him! That was in August, 1998. Now Jerome stands before us, 19 years later and is the leader of the follow up and discipleship program. He stands before us like so many others, a walking miracle.“

It is amazing to see how an Gospel Celebration even after 20 years leaves a visible effect on the life of people. It is not just a short event but for many a drastig, life changing experience -the gospel brings lasting changes!

Visitor-Team from Germany

During the Gospel Celebration we had a small “Service in Mission Team” with us. 2 participants report:

Julian Bauer

„The special highlight for me was when a man came to me in the afternoon who wanted to give his life over to Jesus – he heard the sermons but had to work and could not follow the alter call; so he came right before his next shift. Further highlights:
the small outreaches, one in the back-country connected with a longer driver and most especially on the places that you can usually only see from outside like a refugee camp or a prison. Nevertheless overall there was a stronger feeling of holiday for me: We had many great experiences,
wonderful landscaped and again and again small presents from God: During our Safari I had not seen. I thought: “Jesus, actually it would have been nice if we had seen zebras. About 6 hours, after we were out of the park, a wild herd of zebras was walking in front of our car! God is good and there were many more awesome moments. It surely had been worth it.“

Andreas Klinke:

„SIM has personally really moved me. Theexperiencing of a complete different culture was very exciting. Exciting to see how faith is being lived and also the daily life. The fellowship and the conversations were also very enriching. Obviously it was very beautiful as well, to see the landscape and the nature. All in all it has been a very enriching time from which I can take some food for thought with me and am gladly remembering this time.“

Continuing in Uganda

After this Gospel Celebration in the south western part of Uganda we are preparing the next mission in February/March in Uganda: Several days mission at Rhino Camp,, several days of training for evangelism at Pakwach. There I will be worling with Nico Borissow, he is the founder and leader of Carriers of Hope. Afterwards it is continuing for me in a mission at a university in Kampala.

Timetable for the mission:

28.2 – 34.3. Evangelism in Rhino Camp
4.3-7.3. Evangelism -Training in Pakwach
8.-9.3. Evangelism University Kampala

Please pray for the missions, for protection, for a as much as possible smooth mission and for many people to get to know the Lord and are being trained to talk of Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers and your support!


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